Spa Facial Treatments $50 unless 
otherwise noted

Classic European Spa Facial  treatment 

Spa facial treatment designed for all skin 

Express Facial
For those on the go. A quick 30 minute facial. 
 Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, masque and moisturizer. Only  $35 


Hot stone Facial treatment

Spa Facial treatment 
with the use of hot/cold stones

Collagen Spa Facial Treatment 

Spa facial treatment specifically designed to minimize signs of aging and dehydration, using Collagen that is able to over 1000 times its weight in water. Fine lines fade right before your eyes.

Skin Calming Facial Treatment

Spa facial treatment specifically  designed for sensitive, irritated, sunburned, or reddened skin.  Calms and 
soothes hypersensitive skin, minimizing redness or irritation caused from  internal or external sources. 

Skin Purifying Acne Spa Facial Treatment 

Spa facial treatment specifically designed to 
eliminate and destroy the bacteria which causes acne.  Entrapped bacteria 
is extracted to rid the skin of impurities 

Detoxifying Mud Spa Facial Treatment

 Spa facial treatment recommended for any skin
type especially beneficial for oily skin.  Specialty aromatic clay designed to detoxify and pull impurities from the skin, providing essential minerals which soften rough skin, eliminate congestion and minimize the 
appearance of pores. 

Vitamin Pack Spa Facial Treatment 

Spa facial treatment specifically designed for 
most skin types except oily skin.

 Anti-Aging Facial $65

Using anti-aging product technology, reduce 
wrinkles and slow down the aging process.

Non-Surgical Face Lift   

Tightening, toning, wrinkle reducing treatmentwith immediate results. Treatment time is between 1 and 1 and a half hours.

Hydrating Facial

Helps to detoxify the skin as it helps boosts 
cellular renewal. It instantly moisturizes and firms dry skin.



Waxing Menu

Eyelash Extensions

             Spa  waxing

Eyebrows                                                          $15             
Upper Lip                                                           $8                    
Side of Face                                                    $15                
Chin                                                                      $10
Full Face  (Chin, lip & cheeks)            $25
Full face with  brow                                   $35
Buttocks                                                           $15
Stomach                                                            $15
Happy Trail                                                      $10
Bikini(may vary)                                          $25
Brazilian                                                            $45    
Underarm                                                         $20
Toes                                                                      $5
Men's Back                                                      $45
Men's Chest & Stomach                         $55
Men's Brazilian                                            $75 
(Men To hold appointment a non refundable deposit of $25 is required & will be applied to the treatment cost)
Buttocks add on to a Brazilian            $15             
Men's buttocks                                              $30
Ear's                                                                       $10
Nostrils                                                               $12
Legs 1/2 Leg                                                    $30 
Full Leg                                                                $50                      
Full Leg w/Bikini                                          $65  
Arm 1/2 arm                                                     $20 
Full arm                                                              S35

We only  use the finest lashes and professional glues available.  Each lash is 
individually adhered to your existing eyelash. 
 Your eyes will  become dramatic and enhance the beauty of your face.  ONLY trust a licensed professional too perform 
your eyelash extensions. 

Full set will take between an hour an half to 2 hours to affix.                                      

Full Set                                     $130
Real Mink Full Set             $150
2 weeks or less fill            $40
        3 to 4 weeks fill                  $60         

Lash or  Brow  tinting        $20